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Episode 4.01: Orientation

As promised, here is the full premiere episode of Getting Somewhere, the Virtual 4th Season of South of Nowhere. All of these authors, who will be revealed once the series is underway, work extremely hard, and I think that they deserve some in depth reviews and comments about the episodes, but even a simple comment in acknowledge if you read it would be very much appreciated by them, I'm sure. So, without further ado ...

Getting Somewhere, Episode 401: Orientation.Collapse )

I hope you all enjoyed the premiere as much as I did the first time I had the pleasure of reading it, and I hope you'll tell the author as much in the comments section. We only introduced two of the new characters that will be featured this season, but we'd love to know what you think of them! Again, feel free to expression any thoughts or speculations on where you think certain things are headed, or even where you hope they are, just like you would if you had just finished watching a real episode on television, and came online to discuss what you just saw with other fans. That's half the fun! We have over 600 members here, which is AMAZING to us, so we're hoping the full episodes will generate a little bit more activity from our members than the small previews did, as we want to know that everyone is reading and enjoying the fruits of our labors, if that's not too much to ask. ETA: I'm leaving this public until the end of the weekend.
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Aww, I love it.
Im excited for the next one

this is awesome... keep it up...
i love it! the story line is fantastic and it has great potential. but i think you have ashley a bit wrong. originally ashley is the one to play hard to get and isn't so needy and clingy. its usually Ashley's role to complain about never seeing spencer and Spencer's role to come up with a solution.
i guess ashley is the more male role and spencer the feminine. but Ashley's thing with GSA is right on
Did you not watch season 3b at all? The whole arc, Ashley was clingy and needy, and Spencer called her out on it in the finale - and she wasn't being clingy or needy in this, it was just weird for her to not see Spencer at all that day, after seeing her all the time all summer.

Original Ashley hasn't existed since the first season, and if this was a regular fanfiction, we'd make her more like she was in the first season, but this is supposed to be canon, so we have to write her the way she was in 3b, but more matured after living with Spencer for three months.


8 years ago

this makes me so happy it's insane. i can't wait for the next one!!
love love love it! im so glad you guys are doing this and cant wait for more!

I had a lot of things that i wanted to say but...there's one only thing that keeps echoing through my mind...OMFG! KYla is married D: to....he-who-must-remain nameless? D:

i cant believe it i'm kinda shocked ...

anyway xD ii loved the whole chapter, especially the spashley parts <3 obviously!
i'm looking forward to the next chapter! awesome job!

i'm gone!
wow this was a great premier. i cant wait for the season :)
i can't wait til the next episode, it will be amazing. this was the best premiere episode, even out of the real season, well except for the premiere to season 2. anyways good job writers, keep it up !
This is great. Thanks for putting this together. I'm looking forward to reading more. Great start!
This was really great. can't wait for more. Keep up the good work
wow. worth the wait by far. id say this is written better then the actual show if we had episodes like this maybe south of nowhere would still be kicking. it never got to descriptive to overcompensate for the the lack of visual and the lines were wittier but not out of the realm of the characters we know and love/loathe. in a word it is. perfect.
p.s hope theres more soon.
I can't wait for the next episode and I hope that it will comming soon.
I don't know what else to say at the moment but so far so good as the saying goes.
this is really great, i could spend an entire day re-reading this!!!
thank you so much for your effort!
im waiting for more! so keep it up
that was very well done! thank you authours :)
i felt like i was actually watching it on television
i already feel some of the drama coming...
i loved this episode, please please post the next one soon!

thank you so much once again!
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