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Episode 4.01: Orientation

As promised, here is the full premiere episode of Getting Somewhere, the Virtual 4th Season of South of Nowhere. All of these authors, who will be revealed once the series is underway, work extremely hard, and I think that they deserve some in depth reviews and comments about the episodes, but even a simple comment in acknowledge if you read it would be very much appreciated by them, I'm sure. So, without further ado ...

Getting Somewhere, Episode 401: Orientation.Collapse )

I hope you all enjoyed the premiere as much as I did the first time I had the pleasure of reading it, and I hope you'll tell the author as much in the comments section. We only introduced two of the new characters that will be featured this season, but we'd love to know what you think of them! Again, feel free to expression any thoughts or speculations on where you think certain things are headed, or even where you hope they are, just like you would if you had just finished watching a real episode on television, and came online to discuss what you just saw with other fans. That's half the fun! We have over 600 members here, which is AMAZING to us, so we're hoping the full episodes will generate a little bit more activity from our members than the small previews did, as we want to know that everyone is reading and enjoying the fruits of our labors, if that's not too much to ask. ETA: I'm leaving this public until the end of the weekend.
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that was awesome. it was soo much like the show and i felt like i was watching an actual episode rather than reading it. and the more intimate moments between ashley and spencer make it all that much better to read. thank you
Loved the premiere! Madison's a beast again. I kinda liked that they were becoming semi-friends. Jackson and Mel are cool characters. I so didn't see Jackson being str8 even though I read the character pages. LOL I can't wait for more. I am hoping for a little more wit in the 2nd chapter. YAY! PMS!
thanks for posting the episode, i honestly thought it was awesome and perfect, i could really see all of them going though the stuff they went through in a real episode of South. i really like jackson and melanie, i think both of them will be great as friends to both spencer and ashley.
i absolutely loved it and i can not wait to hear more
They did an amazing job capturing the characters' personalities. It feels very realistic, it's absolutely perfect. I can picture it all in my head. ♥
Holy wow.
This first episode has come out WONDEFULLY!
I'm extremley intruiged by these new chracters, and can already feel myself warming up to them.
And all the old chracters are written so well I can hear their voice in my head each time they spoke. Just perfect.
Some very interesting goings on, I most certainly look forward to the journeys all the characters shall be going on the season.
i loved it, but i was wondering if this was going to be like a webisodes or like just the script posted.

thanks. :)
This Virtual Season is starting out as good or more then I expecting, which is good. This is a great way to start of the season. I'm glad Spashley has some problems, but in reality nothing is perfect all the time. So that is good. The new characters seem to be a good addition to the cast. Hope to read more.
this was my favorite part next to all the Spashley goodness..
“All right, here it is.” Ashley leaned forward on her arms, and Kyla did the same. There was a dramatic beat of silence before the older Davies spoke again. “Figure out what you want to order because I’m starving.”

I love how this episode was true to its SON roots, with the way Madison and Ashley fought, the Spashley cuteness, even to Paula's and Arthur's characters to be oh-so parenting! LOL, I'm also loving how college is treating Spencer very well. Thank you for all the hard work you guys are doing and hope to read more soon!
i was seriously cracking up the entire time while reading this. i could see the entire thing perfectly because it so closely resembles the actual show. loved the new characters. should make it more interesting.
Loved this part.
“Be nice,” the blonde chastised gently. “Remember she’s doing you a service.”
Ashley pulled a face. “Yeah, um, no. I wouldn’t let her ‘service’ me with a ten-foot pole.”


July 16 2009, 04:17:34 UTC 8 years ago

so wait the webisode is only in reading, not actually video??
This is so cool!! I love it. You did a great job)


July 16 2009, 20:39:58 UTC 8 years ago

That was bloody brilliant Loved it cant wait for the next part. :)
That was sooo awesomely cool that I was deaming about it last night:)
When i first heard about this project i was so excited! And now getting to read the fruits of you guys' labor, i must say is pretty sweet. i'm glad that you guys chose to focus on everyone in the series, because it makes me feel like i'm really watching and episode of SoN. Going to what i want to happen or find out more about is Glen and Chelsea. I wonder what's going to happen to them. You guys might hate me for saying this, but i think our girls need to go through some angst or something. I know they've been through alot in the last 3 seasons, but a little drama would make it more like a teen show. Oh and i really like the two new characters. Jackson has a very friendly attitude and he seems like a really sweet guy. Well at the end of this long comment I just mostly want to say thank you guys so much for dedicating your time and talents to this project and just continue with your great work.
They'll have some episodic drama, but they won't be having any long term angst anytime soon. Any teen show, after a couple gets back together after their break up/seeing other people, they stay together for good. And if they don't, they at least last a season blissfully. They'll each have their own drama that they will help each other over come together, because they've matured and grown up, and they're not gonna have the same problems over and over again.
You guys are unbelievably talented. I honestly think this is exactly how the season would have been done. I'm glad that Spencer is making new friends and that her relationship with Ashley is going great. I'm glad that Aiden is miserable but sad that Kyla has to suffer too. I just want to say thank you to everyone for doing this and I can't wait to see what happens next! Question: Will Sasha Miller "The Killer" be included in this season?
She's in the second episode, actually. She's not gonna play any big role or anything, but she'll pop up every once in a while as a background/bit character.
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