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It was brought to my attention in my previous post, that apparently is organizing their own virtual series, which I was unaware of. This is in no way connected to that VS. I looked over there, and saw that they had a different approach to it than we did. While they have an open for all, looking for writers and ideas, we took a more organized approached, and contacted our favorite writers, asking them if they were interested, and have a team thinking of the plots and such. Much like a real TV show is aired, the creators and writers do not leave their plots up to the fans to decide, they write themselves, and present them to the fans to enjoy, and that is what we're doing. However, once the first half is done, we will be open to adding new writers to the staff, if people are interested. We'd set up guidelines for an audition type process to see if the writer's style fits with the writers already onboard, but that will be later on, so I don't have any other info to give on that front at the moment.

Even though I thought that I explained this in the last post, some people still seem to be confused;
  • Gabrielle Christian has absolutely NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS.
  • The only video involved with this will be the credits. EVERY EPISODE IS WRITTEN.
  • The episodes WILL NOT BE POSTED ON LIVEJOURNAL, but on the main site.
Later tonight I will be posting a small scene as a preview for the premiere, but it will be in a locked entry, as all previews and information about the series is going to be for Members Only. So if you have been commenting without a LJ, I'd suggest quickly making one and joining. It's extremely easy, doesn't cost a thing, and you don't have to use the LJ for anything other than this. It's just a good way for us to see how many people are interested in this and give us more motivation.

So remember, if you are simply a WATCHER here, you must JOIN the community as well, to see the locked entries.
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