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it's where they're going ...

You heard South of Nowhere was finished? That's not what I heard! We've taken it into our own hands to make sure it lives on, and that it lives on the right way. We currently have a team of the best writers in the fandom busily working to bring you fans sixteen season four episodes soon! The graphics and creative team had the easier job and we've made more progress than expected, but we can only bring this to you as fast as the writers can write it, so sit tight, and be sure to JOIN and FRIEND THIS COMMUNITYso you can keep up to date with all the latest news! The entries will be friends only, so you'll need to join or watch to see them! We'll bring teasers! Sneak peeks! Character bios! Promos! And more! Comment and tell us how excited you are! Season four is closer than you think!

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