fromtheblast (fromtheblast) wrote in gettinsomewhere,

hello, all!

Wow! Over 300 Members! You have no idea how happy it makes me to see so many people here and waiting! Since there are so many of you, and I haven't posted anything in a while, I just thought I'd drop by and make sure everyone knows that we're still doing this and we're working away, but it might be a bit longer before we get it up than we hoped. We expected to have the second episode done by now, and the third one almost done, and while they're both being worked on, there seems to be a wretch somewhere in the works that we're trying to work out.

But since I can't give another preview (well, I guess I could, but I don't want to!), I'll probably be posting something about the new characters sometime soon, maybe this weekend! So keep your eyes open for that! I just really wanna give you all something!
Tags: !modpost
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